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Wallaroo Station Animal Fact Sheet
Sus scrofa

Native to Southeast Asia

The pot-bellied pig has black skin with scarce hair, short erect ears and a short snout. It also has a sagging abdomen and the very loose skin gives a wrinkled appearance. A true pot-bellied pig has a straight tail that attaches high on the rump. If the tails curls at all, this is a sign of cross breeding.

Contrary to the belief that pigs are simply filthy animals, pot-bellied pigs love mud baths because they help the pig in many ways. This practice, known as “wallowing,” helps to keep the pig’s body cool, as pigs need help from the mud because they aren’t able to sweat. Wallowing leaves the pigs covered in a layer of cold, wet mud, helping to moisten their dry skin, protects them from sunburn, and keep insects away. Due to their special personalities and exotic allure, pot-bellied pigs have become a popular pet in the United States over the last twenty years. Pigs are intelligent and can be trained to use a litter box, and many pet pig owners walk their pigs around their neighborhood with harnesses and dog leashes.

Habitat: Now domesticated and worldwide in distribution.
Diet: Pot-bellied pigs are omnivores, meaning they eat just about everything. Their diet consists of leafy greens, wild vegetables, shrubs, roots, grasses, and fallen nuts, as well as insects, small snakes, and eggs. Domesticated pigs also eat pig chow, cereal, carrots, and apples.
Status: Not Listed
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Length: 14-18 inches
Weight: 70-150 lbs
Lifespan: Average 10-20 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: Approximately 114 days; usually has 6 piglets


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