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Wallaroo Station Animal Fact Sheet
Equus caballus

Native to Austria; first brought into the U.S. in 1958

These strong horses are trainable animals and historically have been used by farmers as workhorses due to their incredible strength and stamina. Haflingers are also known for their gentle and quiet temperament. Many Haflinger horses are used for farm work in America's Amish communities. Their mane and tail are long, thick and flax (grayish yellow) to white in color. They are versatile and strong performers, whether pulling in harness or being ridden for pleasure.

Habitat: Domesticated species and are not listed
Diet: Hay, grain and produce
Status: n/a
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Height: Horses are measured in "hands." Haflingers range in height from 13 hands (52") to 15 hands (60").
Weight: Their weight can vary from 800 to 1300 pounds.
Lifespan: Haflinger horses can live well into their 40s
Reproduction & Offspring: Gestation is approximately 11 months


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