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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Potamochoerus porcus

Western and Central Africa. Red River hogs use the disk-like ends of their snouts to sweep over the ground and to sniff out food. They have a great sense of smell, and it's enhanced by the circular motions the hog uses while sniffing around. When a delectable morsel is located, they use their snouts to uncover the item. The snouts are firm, and even deep roots can be shoveled up. Red River hogs have two razor sharp tusks that extend from the mouth, and these are good for cutting through woody roots and tubers.

Other than lions, hyenas and pythons, their main enemy is the leopard who will kill their young. But because of the pig's strength, sharp tusks and belligerent disposition, many leopards have been treed by the hostile actions of adult pigs.

Habitat: Forests, thickets, and swamps.
Diet: Grasses, water plants, roots, bulbs, fruit, carrion, and small animals.
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: 99 to 264 lbs.
Height: .3 - 5 feet.

Lifespan: 20 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: On average 4 young per birth, rarely up to 6 at one time. Weaning of young occurs at 2 - 4 months.


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