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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Polemaetus bellicosus

Sub-Saharan Africa

This species suffers from persecution through shooting and poisoning, but also from indirect threats, such as collison with powerlines. Another hazard is caused by steep sided farm reservoirs, in which many birds drown. In South Africa it may have lost 20% of its population in the last three generations. In many areas where they come into contact with man, eagle populations have decreased greatly through persecution, because they are blamed for killing livestock. In reality, domestic animals constitute only a small proportion of their diet, whereas the presence of eagles is a sure sign of a healthy environment. The preservation of this species goes through education of farmers, and the direct protection of nesting sites.

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is the only institution in North America to house a breeding pair of Martial eagles.

Habitat: Semi-desert and open savannah.
Their territory will vary from 6 to 390 square miles, depending on reliable food sources.
Diet: Carnivorous - prefers smaller ground-dwelling birds and mammalls. .
Status: Vulnerable (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Weight: 6.8–14 lb
Wingspan: 6 – over 7 ft
Length: 30–38 in

Reproduction & Offspring:

They have a slow reproduction rate, laying at the most one egg every two years. The egg is incubated for 45 days and the chick fledged at 100 days. After this, despite becoming independent, juvenile birds will remain close to the nest for another 6 months.


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