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Safari Africa Animal Fact Sheet
Erythrocebus patas

Africa, from western Senegal through east Africa

Also known as the Wadi or Hussar Monkey, the Patas Monkeys tend to live in groups of anywhere from 10-40 individuals.The sizes of the groups are dependent on the habitat and availability of food. These monkeys avoid dense woodland and overgrowth areas and prefer to live in open, dry areas. Fortunately, the Patas Monkey happens to be the fastest runner among primates with the ability to reach speeds of about 34 mph.

There is usually one male per group. He plays the role of a sentry, watching for predators on two feet when the group is vulnerable in open spaces. Any young males that reach maturity generally leave their group to join a group of all males. The females have a hierarchy and the dominant female always gets her pick of the food even though female Patas monkeys are considerably smaller than the males.


Habitat: Open country but can tolerate and adapt well to a range of habitats
Diet: Insects, grubs, buds, leaves, fruits, and roots
Status: Least concern
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Female Height: 19 inches
Male Height:
23-34 inches

Lifespan: About 22 years.
Reproduction & Offspring:

Gestation: 167 days


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