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Florida Boardwalk Animal Fact Sheet
Lampropeltis elapsoides

Southeastern US. It is found throughout Florida, and, outside of Florida, it is found from eastern Louisiana to southern New Jersey. Scarlet Kingsnakes are rarely encountered due to their nocturnal nature. Adults have red, black and yellow rings hat encircle the entire body. They are frequently mistaken for the venomous Eastern Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius) or the non-venomous Scarlet Snake (Cemophora cocinnea). A rhyme about the snakes' colors can help you distinguish the Eastern Coral Snake from the two similar harmless species:

'If red touches yellow, it can kill a fellow' (Eastern Coral Snake).
'If red touches black, it is a friend of Jack' (Scarlet Kingsnake or Scarlet Snake).
Habitat: Pinelands, hardwood hammocks, prairies, cultivated fields, and suburban areas.
Diet: Small lizards, rodents, and other small snakes. They do most of their hunting at night, dawn, or dusk, but can be active during the day sometimes.
Status: They are fairly uncommon, but not endangered.
Approximate Dimensions of Adult:

Length: 14 - 20 inches.

Weight: Average of 1270 g (2.77 lb.).

Lifespan: Around 10 to 15 years.
Reproduction & Offspring: They breed from March to June and typically lay a clutch of around 2 - 9 eggs underground or in rotten logs from May - August. The babies emerge about two months after the eggs are laid.


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