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Florida Boardwalk Animal Fact Sheet
Grus canadensis pratensis

South Georgia to Florida

The Florida Sandhill Crane is highly specialized and dependent on its habitat; it does not adjust well to a changed environment. It builds its nest on a mound of aquatic vegetation in about 1" of water. Two hatchlings leave the nest 1 day apart and are reared by both parents. Natural predators include alligators, snakes, and raccoons. The largest remaining populations are in wildlife refuges throughout the state. It prefers to nest in shallow waters of lakes, ponds, marshes, and prairies. The loud clattering call is heard more often than the bird is seen.

Habitat: n/a
Diet: Adjusts to the local availability of plant material and invertebrates; forages primarily on land
Status: Least Concern (IUCN)
Approximate Dimensions of Adult: Weight: male - 9 to 11 lbs., female-8 lbs.
Lifespan: n/a
Reproduction & Offspring: n/a


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